My impressions from Liverpool

Article from our student Milada

When my English School of Languages offered me a stay in Liverpool connected with study of English language, I liked this idea immediately. Because this would be the opportunity to listen to the „live“ English language, to listen what people say. In this way I would have the opportunity to improve my knowledge.

I was surprised by the beauty of the city of Liverpool, a town which has very rich, historical past.

People of Liverpool were very amiable, friendly and so much polite. They seemed to me to be very happy. I admired many churches, beautiful buildings and cathedrals. I visited there two cathedrals.

In the Catholic Cathedral I felt very agreeable and like at home. But the Anglican Cathedral, being the fourth largest in the world took my breath away by its immensity. I felt there so small and lost. From the top of the church tower there was a beautiful panoramatic view and I felt as if I was on the top of the Eifel tower in Paris.

I am really very glad that I had the possibility to be there, that I could visit all the famous places, museums, shop, the beach and other towns like Chester and Manchester.

In Chester in one shop I saw very small toy furniture made of wood for small girls to play. It was beautiful and I decided to buy it for my granddaughter.  I remember that when I was a child, I had similar toy furniture.

I would like to study English more and I hope I will visit Liverpool again.